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Another thing to know when choosing a hosting, is if we choose a shared hosting, a virtual private server (VPS), or a dedicated server.

Data Center

One thing is clear, and if we choose the option of a free server 100%, it’s sure that the only option that we offer will be a shared server.[php snippet=13]

Then you will learn the differences between each:

Shared server: as we have said, if we choose a free server, this will be the only option that we offer. If you choose a hosting of payment, this is the cheapest option of all.

What it is that a server is shared?

A server is nothing more than a computer or desktop computer as that we may have in our House but of larger dimensions, and the word “shared” means that the hosting company uses one server to give service to tens or hundreds of clients.

This means that your website can be affected by poor performance due to possible misuses that other users within the same server may commit.

Another big drawback with the use of any shared hosting is that if for the bad actions of a user who uses the same shared server that yours, for example, is dedicated to making SPAM (bomb with advertising to thousands of recipients), then the main managers of e-mail can block your server (which is the same as yours) and not accept emails that are sent from the server. The problem is that your server is the same as yours and, therefore, if you decide to send emails they will not be accepted due to the fact that your server was blocked by the “malicious” user who created the SPAM.

Normally the hosting companies have policies of verification, control and acceptance of software that is used or is installed on their shared servers to bring the bad actions of users not to affect other customers within the same server, but there is no doubt that in any way, your website will be affected (especially in terms of speed) by the mass consumption of resources by other customers.

For example, if we hire a shared server which has 1 Gb of RAM, that 1 Gb of memory is shared by 200 more customers (for example), so possibly we have only 5 Mb of RAM for our website.

I must also indicate that this type of server has restricted much of functions and settings, leaving limited resources to very basic projects.

Therefore, if we choose the option of shared server we must realise that we are sharing the same server with a large number of users. I also stress that it is the cheapest option and it possibly is the best choice to start any project of low importance.


Shared server
Virtual private (VPS) server: during your search for the most suitable server you’ll find in most servers offered by the shared server option and the option of VPS, or virtual private server.

Virtual private server is a server that is divided into X parts for each client, and the part that is assigned to us is only and exclusively for us, that is, that if we hire this server we guaranteed memory resources just for us.

For example, if we hire a virtual private server (VPS) where we are told that our account will run under a 1 Gb RAM server, ensures us that 1 Gb of RAM will be used solely by us.

This is the best option if we want to go one step further in our project, once we have checked that with shared server we are left short.

Also is the option most suitable if for our project we require 100% custom configuration. In addition, where we need to expand the resources of the server, it is quickly and without need to change server.

Virtual private server
Dedicated server: tend to be powerful servers, high-performance, but with fixed settings (if we want to expand the resources of the server, normally take more time to do so, or even require changing server). They are more expensive than VPS, because it is a server exclusively for the customer. It is the most expensive choice among all the options.

Dedicated server
To summarize we can say that a:

Shared server is the cheapest option, but that offers worse performance.
Virtual private server is the best option for medium and large-scale projects, use the most of the resources that we rented and with possibility of extending all resources.
Dedicated server is the most expensive option. For large projects, and possibly used in companies than by corporate policy requires exclusive use of dedicated servers. They are hardly expandable.

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