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Data center: towards modular viability

The availability in the Latin American market of the centres of data or data center is moving in a trend that underpins the viability, but this availability should be governed by standards of quality with regard to availability, management, and information security.

On the other hand, the market tendency to TI and the data center is aimed to create a high availability of the same, according to the opinion of the Tripp Lite sales Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Sam Atassi. Adds that this is accomplished with the fulfillment of international standards in terms of availability, management, and information security, “it is also a guarantee that should offer the various data centers and this is due to the fact that customers are asking for redundancy in all areas”.

“The concept of the data modular center also is an increasingly viable trend.” Another key need is to anticipate failures of operation by providing a data center tools software and hardware for these purposes; It is one of the priority demands on customers”.

Atassi: “our approach is to where we need to.”
Atassi: “our approach is to where we need to.”
Atassi said that currently, Tripp Lite works in the development of their own solutions, “as well as, for example, without losing sight of the complexity of the cloud, the facilities of high density, sustainable architecture and sustainable development.

-What is the strategy of Tripp Lite to improve the performance and efficiency of the Latin America data centers?

-The portfolio of products that we currently have for Tripp Lite enables us to develop three of the four subsystems in a data center (electrical, mechanical and telecommunications), with which it can offer a solution tailored and scalable in the time according to the needs of each client. With this, customers can project their investments according to your actual needs.

In the case of the electrical subsystem, our UPS systems on-line double conversion provide the highest level of protection against power problems, ensuring optimal, uninterrupted performance of equipment. Either single-phase or three-phase, they have the virtue of work in economic mode and allow clients to obtain significant energy savings in kWh per year.

According to the Board of Tripp Lite, in the case of the mechanical subsystem, cooling systems maintain equipment it at appropriate temperatures to maximize their performance and to avoid failures caused by overheating. Also include several energy-saving features such as, for example, that its fans work in variable frequency, the inner workings and electronic expansion valves is DC.

“In the case of the telecommunications subsystem, we have a portfolio of products that allow us to manage remote teams, with this achieve greater efficiency without interference within the data center.”

New has Tripp Lite this year, in terms of programs and incentives to strengthen the business relationship?

-One of the main strengths of Tripp Lite is its relationship with the distribution channel, resulting in efficient and programs real according to each of the regions in which the company is present. Aspects of these programs are, to name but a few, the continuous training, both technical and commercial, to our partners in each of our product lines. Also we focus on education, such as our new stations for tablets and laptops

Growth and other things

According to the data handled by the VP of sales for the region, the company maintains steady growth thanks to the broad portfolio of products that possesses and which include UPS systems, PDUs, racks, cooling, Manager, cables and connectivity, and more.

-In which Latin American markets expected to grow more and why?

-Thanks to the diversification of product lines that we have today, we can participate in the different market segments in each of the regions, such as education, health, mining, Government, finance and industry. While it is true that there is a downturn in the market on a global scale, we are confident that we will grow through the integration of our solutions.

-What market or markets of the region is more consolidated the Tripp Lite and in which markets offer them has become more difficult?

-This is a question difficult to answer. Historically, Tripp Lite was present for more than 25 years in all countries of the region of Latin, but in the last decade also it focused more on countries that most need and appreciate this type of product and services.

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